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LIMS at work GmbH supports its customers in all questions of quality assurance and quality management in the laboratory environment.

Founded more than 20 years ago, we provide companies with advice and support throughout the introduction and operation of their IT-supported quality assurance (LIMS): from defining the requirements specification through implementation and ongoing support to industry-specific, guideline-compliant validation.

With our software solutions and services, we support companies in implementing quality assurance and quality management for the connected and smart laboratory of the future:

  • (cost-) efficiently
  • user-friendly
  • technically up to date

The range of our services and products covers the entire lifecycle of a LIMS and the corresponding system environment.



Effective management and quick availability of quality data are core requirements for improving operational efficiency in the laboratory, optimizing structures and increasing flexibility.

A LIMS supports workflows and data tracking in the laboratory and enables data exchange with analysis devices and other systems, such as ERP or office programs, via interfaces. LIMS and laboratory software collect, analyze and evaluate laboratory data. They also enable the laboratory to meet regulatory requirements. Thus, they help to save money and resources. One of the requirements of modern software solutions is that their functionality, configurability, integration and data availability are constantly improved in order to meet increasing data volumes and networking requirements.

We offer both tools we have developed ourselves and software from partners with whom we have worked together trustfully for many years.

Individual Programming

Standard solutions do not always meet all lab-specific requirements. This is why the design and implementation of individual software projects is also part of our range of services. These include modules for extending applications such as interfaces to ERP systems or measuring instruments, which LIMS at work implements individually using state-of-the-art technologies.


In addition to individual software development, we offer a wide range of other services.

For example, we advise on system selection, develop concepts and compile requirement specifications as well as checklists for system qualification and, if required, take over project management.

In addition, we create accreditation-relevant documentation, provide customization services (e.g. structuring master data, mapping individual processes in LIMS, reports and certificates) or carry out validation/qualification measures.

Since every system is only used to its full potential when the employees have mastered it, we train laboratory staff in their respective LIMS and reporting tools. As further training topics we offer Microsoft Office and SQL in the laboratory environment.

Our team of support specialists provides reliable and demand-oriented support to the users of the systems installed by us or by third parties in accordance with fixed service level agreements.

We also offer comprehensive support services in the area of databases – whether setting up a new database, database migration or performance optimization during operation.



  • LaWeb – Reporting & Retrieval Tool / Database Research
  • Labmatica – Lean, Open Source LIMS
  • ERP interfaces
  • Device interfaces

Partner Products

  • Biobanking – Sample management
  • Author-e
  • Forensic Software
  • LIMS

Software Development and Services

  • Consulting
  • Concepts
  • Programming
  • App development
  • Database support
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Support

We develop solutions that meet your specific requirements efficiently and with high quality!

Please contact: Georg Strömer, Manager Sales & Services
phone: +49 228 96 69 95 76

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